Sport as a key for change


It is the aim of Move4Lives to connect various parts of the society where more interaction would be beneficial. For this, we use individually designed sport programes and focus on three key actions.

Work with Schools

Over the last years, a huge amount of refugees has arrived in Germany. Many of them are children and have to be integrated into the schools. Unfortunately, these children are too often isolated from the rest of the kids in their schools so that proper integration is very difficult. Our sport offers therefore provide the pupils safe spaces to interact with each other on the sports field and get to know each other. Why not to make new friends by this?

Cultural Exchanges

Besides our daily work at schools, we want to contribute to international dialogue and understanding. Hence, our second core area is the conceptualization and organization of intercultural exchanges. Because today's young people will be our next leaders, they should meet and learn from each other. Sport serves as the perfect platform to learn to understand and respect each other and to dismantle barriers and prejudice.

Charity Sport Events

As an effective implementation is not possible without a solid financial basis, we conduct various charity events to raise donations. The revenue will be used either for the projects of M4L or be donated to likeminded, non-profit organizations. However, it's not only about the money. These events are mostly about fun and great experiences in your community!